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Safety is our #1 Priority. Having children of our own, we know the importance of a soft surface for them to land. We use only IPEMA Certified Playground Chips.

By having Rhode Island Mulch replenish your play areas, you can achieve two tasks: reestablishing children's safety by meeting the current safety standards, and bringing new life to a tired play area.

Revitalizing local parks, recreational areas and playgrounds with one goal in mind: our children's safety. With our equipment capabilities and trained staff we can complete most playgrounds before children arrive at school.
Revitalize Recreational Areas
Rhode Island Mulch
Municipalities, Private Schools and Day Care Centers can benefit the most from Rhode Island Mulch Express Blower Services.

Playground Mulch Replenishment is one example where you can immediately benefit from our services. We can install enormous amounts of material for you in a short period of time.
Punctual and Professional Service
Rhode Island Mulch
Our tri-axle blower truck carries 360 feet of hose; additional hose is available. There is no need to drive across lawns or dismantle fences. Our equipment operators can make remote adjustments to control the flow, which allows us to blow mulch around even the most delicate plant material.
Safety is Our #1 Priority
Rhode Island Mulch
Our Playground Chip is IPEMA Certified: A specialized ground cover for use as a protective surface in public & private playgrounds. Produced exclusively of top-quality virgin wood. Certified and approved for schools, parks, daycare centers and backyard play areas. ADA Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act).